The book

Olodumare, The Creator

will be coming Soon. Please check back. Below is an excerpt.

      "...All went well in this fashion for a long ethereal time, as Developing Human Spirits grew as expected, in the Will of The Light; in the Ethereal Realms above the Worlds of Finest Matter, towards being intuitively perceptive human spirits and thereby attaining gradual self-consciouness - - -


Ajule, is one of the finer gardens of several developing human spirits in the Ethereal World.  And there lived Orunkemi, who had incarnated solely to guide a community of homogeneous human spirits. 
She was returning one day, after a short visit, to one of the Ethereal Gardens far away from her home; where she had gone to pick very rare herbs and fine iridescent crystalline stones, emitting the music of the entitial, the Imale of the Ethereal, in wonderful colors and fragrances.  Inside these grew beautiful plants, and inside the plants lived entitial beings.  All this she carried home in a calabash to be used on a very Special Day!
Numerous entitial beings of nature, and the entire animal kingdom of the Ethereal, known and unknown to developing spirits who were living below the Ethereal Realm, and clothed in delicate ethereal bodies, lived here in all forms: in ethereal air, brooks, streams, rivers, fire, on ethereal ground and inside them.  Some inside flowers, plants, trees, hills and mountains.  Gnomes - dwarves, water sprites, mermaids and mermen, sylphs, salamanders, giants; along with flower elves, tree elves - awon oro igi and animals. 
Here also lived several developing human spiritual children with whom Orunkemi shared certain homogeneity; and their spiritual helpers, who would later be friends and parents to one another later on. They expressed their kind and loving greetings in their own unique ways, as Orunkemi floated by, in the retinue of various little winged entitial beings.  
Omo’reAla a water sprite, along with her kindred Akuko and Adaripon who were very well known to the people of this very fine Ethereal Garden, seemed to have a message for Orunkemi as she perceived.  Orunkemi herself had been moving effortlessly in space for a while now when, the picture and sound of Omo’reAla’s volition struck her.  “Come with me, Priestess,” she said, “See...The Laws have a picture to show you.”  Orunkemi then suddenly felt an intuitive urge to be still. And she instantaneously found herself sitting on a lofty mountain.    

Oke Imale! The Summit of the Entitial Helpers, Imale, with countless childlike entitial beings of nature and innumerable helpers at work.  Her fine ethereal body, she had left behind, under the watchful eyes of Omo’reAla, and her friends, Adaripon and Akuko.  

She then closed her eyes, and silently intuited a prayer, then waited, as she perceived that certain Entitial Helpers, with whom she was not so familiar, were approaching her.  

These magnanimous Entitial Helpers looked down at Orunkemi, who seemed like a grain of sand, when compared to them; for they stood together like huge ethereal galaxies.  And they expressed themselves to her, - in colors, or was it in vocal pictures now...for she perceived them as the most glorious sound and form conceivable to her spirituality:

“Priestess of the community of Ajule,” they began to sing, “Olofin Orun, Isel’Ofin, Eleda, The Ruler of Creation has permitted us to reveal to you a simple and very important knowledge, - the foundation principles of Creation. It was the intuitive perception of this event which led your spirit to this very high point, far above your ethereal garden of Ajule.

“Listen!” they continued in song, “The Great Olofin Orun has permitted us to tell you, that in all things in nature, in sound, in beautiful colors, forms and numbers, - in all Nature, the Will of The Light is manifest. We weave It into Creation, and thus reveal It to all creatures. But in truth, we only express One Principle, that of Ife - Love.”

Omo’reAla, outside of her element, along with Akuko and Adaripon, stood by in loving friendship, down below, in fine ethereal matter, listening intuitively also, to the round of the Entitial Helpers; as they steadfastly guarded Orunkemi’s ethereal cloak.

“In the luminous light of your starry Ethereal Garden,” they continued, “and its reflections on the other celestial bodies around it, in all the stars of your realm - both seen and unseen to your ethereal eyes, in the growing, maturing, decaying and yet again, budding of all things - from the primordial seed, to the largest Universes and Realms in all of Subsequent Creation, - even of all things Divine, Spiritual, Entitial and Material, this singular Love-Principle forms the foundation for all that which exists...

“Now that our call has brought you here, which represents a further growth in your maturity, to which you responded naturally; the time has now come for you to know that which now follows: In Creation there is only One Singular Law of Love which appears as Three Primordial Principles, revealing the Will of The Light, from Eternity to Eternity and in all His Creation! - They are the Cornerstones of the Divine Will. The Principle of Love which is really One, appears as Three... to the creatures.

Omo’reAla along with Akuko and Adaripon, also experienced this event in the ethereal below, glowing with thanksgiving for the knowledge...”