"…Today I listened to the full CD "OLODUMARE: THE CREATOR" ...I found myself greatly uplifted by this music, most especially the first half and the very last track, which I feel is deeply symbolic of unfathomable cosmic events... I am honoured to be numbered among those who have heard this amazing composition..."
R. M. Duraisamy, Author

"...On listening to Olodumare, (The Creator) Wole Soyinka (The Nobel Laureate) sent an email to the young composer (Wole Alade) which read in part: 'I have just listened to the communal pulse of Yoruba flesh and spirit in harmonized rhythms'. And he coined a name for it — YoRhythmics..."

...Quoted from The Nigerian Daily.Com, Wole Alade...The Return of the Native Son(g.)


"Wole Alade……who quit these shores some two decades ago, was already a multi-talented musician – adept with various instruments – even before he left. He arranged and played with his own band in Ibadan and Lagos on the familiar music scenes, but always unobtrusively exploring and perfecting, blending with bands of ... contrasting styles and - revealingly - with a leaning towards musicians based outside the trendy night-life music of Lagos. It was perhaps an instinctive feeling that what his burgeoning talent required would be found closer to origination, away from the cosmopolitan sounds that already dominated cities like Lagos." The result of Alade's search is a Yoruba polyphonic exploration that has crystalised in what is bound to be a musical benchmark of percussion compositions – as deeply structurally interwoven as it is spiritually stirring. Titled OLODUMARE – The Creator, it opens a totally new page in the harmonisation of cross-rhythms, a mode of orchestral splendour that is increasingly rare to encounter in Yoruba music but is now vibrantly brought back to life..."

...In the words of the Arts Page, The GUARDIAN Newspaper - Written by Agberin Ibile