Below are short samples of music from the NEW CD "OLODUMARE, The Creator" that you may purchase online. Please see LINKS page to purchase the complete album.

Featured Vocalists;
• Prof Akinsola Akiwowo, Emeritus/ Custodian of Yoruba Culture and Knowledge
• The Talking Drum played by Master Drummer Rasaki Aladokun
• Marlon Saunders of Bobby Mcferrin's Voicestra
• Gail Lou
• Florisca Carter
• Liza
• Chioma Nelson
• Atsuko Tsugoshi
• Shawn Lucas, Crazy Caps Studios, Music Engineering and Sound Design. NY, NY.

1 Isel'Ofin

2 Ayanmo…As the Seed, So The Fruit

3 Birds of A Feather

4 Lala...Descent/Ascent of Spirit...Have You Heard The Mermaid’s Song?

5 New Anthem

6 Wanderer

7 Radiant Star Of Thanksgiving (Of Renewal)