"Paperback" opening for Shalamar/Jeffrey Daniels, Howard Hewett,
Jody Watley...in Nigeria (On Alto Sax, center, Wole Alade)








Listening to Wole is a scintillating journey into a world beyond ours, a dance movement through the Lands of Edumare, The Ruler of All Creation! A celebration of the human spirit, the Wanderer through the Realms of Edumare; and a thanksgiving, for the many Blessings of Olodumare! African traditional Art and Music are based on its Oral Culture, in turn, informed by the weaving in nature (seen and un-seen) as expressed by the people. Unfortunately, much has been lost, but it is heartening to note that new blessings are being showered by The Almighty and new artists are being guided to express the beauty of God’s Great Love. Wole Alade taps from this inexhaustible treasure. His music is embracing and powerful. Listeners participate in the music bringing their own spiritual experiences and joining, in a joyous and healthy Celebration of Life. Wole brings a vast experience of African oral spiritual literature through The Drums. His passion for African classical musical expressions which led to musical engagements with virtuosos such as King Sunny Ade, (Baba) Michael Babatunde Olatunji, traditional Egungun Masks and Master Drummers inform a very unique compositional style. He has recorded with both Carlos Santana’s Abraxas and Embryo. This long awaited offering is a Masterpiece. Indeed one may easily describe it as the Music of The Drama of the Masks! The Music, as it were, of Cubism! From the experience of a High Mass in ‘Isel’Ofin - God’s Will is The Law for All Creation;’ featuring the majestic voice of Professor Akinsola Akiwowo, Emeritus of Culture and Sociology, Obafemi Awolowo University, delivering ‘A Sermon,’ in a traditional African way! To the very inspiring merger of African and African American unique nuances in “Birds of a Feather,” and the “Radiant Star of Thanksgiving,’ expressed through the genre of Sakara Music: The very first of its kind! Wole shows the inextricable tie between the African Diaspora and Continental African art through the medium of sound; and the deeper spirituality which both express, in this wonderful musical experience. The work is engaging, depicting the basis of African Culture itself, and even of the folklore of the entire globe. They are sweet and danceable. I invite you to enjoy Wole and share in this wonderful Gift of Love.